MY STORY: क़िस्मत vs मेहनत !

Many people are frequently contacting me for CSE preparation for themselves or their wards. All have only one demand – 1st ATTEMPT TOP RANK. Though I respect their zeal and positive bend of mind, but still I want to say “HOLD ONNNNN. Game is not so easy friend. Think twice before you move in this spiral of CSE !”

On the other hand, I get calls and messages from already struggling and yet-to-pass aspirants who share their painful stories and desperation to succeed like me. I respect them much more and wish that they actually do it someday, perhaps much better than me. But still I say, “HOLD ONNNN. You are not alone who are struggling. Look around seriously, you will find much worse struggling yet always smiling faces. Just keep going. DON’T COUNT YOUR FAILURES, MAKE YOUR FAILURES COUNT some day !”

For both of these category people, here is MY STORY. MY STORY of all wins and loses of last 6 years. Or to correct myself – my story of all loses and one win of last 6 years !

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Motivation: How I felt after seeing my name in Holy PDF – by Yo Yo Choti Singh (AIR 104)

It was a not so normal evening. Like earlier 2 3 days I was busy in building MAAHOL in online telegram result bakar group. Bakar was at full fledged mode. Insider info was being collected and sent at thunderstorm speed. But deeper down after 4pm it got clear to me that IT’S COMING. Heart beat started increasing first time now.

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Public Administration Paper 2 Strategy by Yo Yo Choti Singh (AIR 104)

I am sharing my Paper 2 Public Administration strategy. If any doubt you can always ping me on ForumIAS or Telegram or here only.

Books and coaching notes-

1. R Aribam book ( a very crisp and good source. It’s all MOHANTY sir notes but better organized)
2. Arora and Goyal book ( another good book but some topics not much relevant – choose wisely)
3. Selective topic reading of Fadia and Fadia Indian Admin book if you are pure fresher in the subject
4. 2nd ARC original once ( Drinking like juice) + Pawan sir summary of same (to learn linkages)
5. Kiran sir notes of Vajiram / Pawan sir notes ( read anyone – if possible both)

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