Answer Writing and Notes making strategy by Rajat Pant (AIR 90); GS Notes and Mains Last Minute Revision Notes attached

Hello everyone,

I am Rajat Pant, AIR 90 (CSE 2018). As the mains examination is near, I am back with my mains strategy this time. This is the point in the timeline of this examination where all the aspirants can be divided into 2 categories. First, are the ones who could not clear prelims this year (Me in 2017). Second, are the ones who have cleared it (Me in 2018). Trust me; both of you are in an equally good position to crack this examination at most by 2020. I say it because I have been there in both of the above situations during my UPSC journey.

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My two cents on Answer Writing – Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

It has been almost two weeks since Prelims results are out. Also, not much time is left before Mains. In between these quite different ways of testing, one has to shift gears and prepare oneself to write 4000 words in 3 hours twice a day for a few consecutive days.

And, with the Prelims results, the horn has been blown. Usain Bolts and Asafa Powells of the world are already clocking good time in the practice sessions. It is crucial to maintain this practice every day for new as well as experienced runners in order to get great timings on the final day too.

Horn has been blown, it’s time for some action

In this article, I will discuss the answer writing tips which worked for me, sources I had used to cover different parts of the syllabus and will post some practice tests for your reference.

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GS-2: IR Notes of Ankur Kaushik (AIR 37)

Hi friends,

I am posting this on behalf of Ankur Kaushik. Ankur has one of highest score in GS-2 (124). His IR notes maybe helpful to you.

About Ankur Kaushik: Ankur is NSIT 2015 pass out in computer science engineering, IRTS from CSE 16 and AIR 37 in CSE 18, a budding poet and author (Check his book: Of Lilies and Graves

Useful Resources for CSE- Rank 10- Tanmay

From starting the preparation to various stages of the exam be it prelims, mains or interview as well as other relevant queries related to CSE, I have compiled all my answers here on quora

General Studies Mains Notes and Test Copies – Sumit Kumar (AIR 53)

In this post, I am sharing my General Studies (GS) Mains notes of different subjects as well as GS Mains Test copies which I gave in Lukmaan IAS Test Series. GS Mains Notes were prepared during preparation of dynamic portion of these subjects. These notes provide compilation of those issues which are important for Mains Exam.

The issues have been discussed holistically (end-to-end coverage) giving wide range of analysis starting from definitions or Why in News (related to current affairs) to Causes, Implications / Consequences, Lacunae, Govt. Provisions, SC Judgements, Way Ahead. Continue reading “General Studies Mains Notes and Test Copies – Sumit Kumar (AIR 53)”

General studies Notes- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR 54)

I have compiled my GS notes below. They are mostly on evernote. Being in a job I found evernote useful as I can access it from anywhere. My handwritten notes are very few.

These notes have been made from various sources: forumias material, visionias material, toppers answersheet, economic survey, heavy use of internet, NCERT books etc.

Many of these are not very neat and have been made for revision purpose.

Many notes are very small and serve only an indicative purpose like what are the various things one should cover (like NCERT Crux, Economic survey notes). Keep on reading!

Rank 10 Mains Notes Online Onenote – Tanmay Vashistha Sharma

To DemystifyCSE for aspirant community, I am sharing my mains notes here, hoping that it prove useful.

Link to Onenote Notes- The Ultimate Safari

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