Answer Writing and Notes making strategy by Rajat Pant (AIR 90); GS Notes and Mains Last Minute Revision Notes attached

Hello everyone,

I am Rajat Pant, AIR 90 (CSE 2018). As the mains examination is near, I am back with my mains strategy this time. This is the point in the timeline of this examination where all the aspirants can be divided into 2 categories. First, are the ones who could not clear prelims this year (Me in 2017). Second, are the ones who have cleared it (Me in 2018). Trust me; both of you are in an equally good position to crack this examination at most by 2020. I say it because I have been there in both of the above situations during my UPSC journey.

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My Journey- KEEP IT SIMPLE & MAKE IT BIG- Lakshay Kumar Chowdhury- AIR 378

Journey of UPSC – CSE

Hello everyone,

I am Lakshay Kumar Chowdhury, (Rank 378, CSE-2018). I am writing this blog to guide people/aspirants who might have the talent but are not able to utilise it effectively for achieving the desired result. The purpose of this blog is to help the aspirants and to wipe out the mysteries/theories around the Civil Services Examination.

A brief background of my life will help you comprehend my journey in a better way. I was born and brought up in Delhi. I graduated from Sri Venkateswara College, DU with a B.Com (Honours) degree in 2014. Further, I completed my post-graduation (M.Com) from SRCC, DU in 2016.

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Law Optional Strategy by Shubham Gupta (AIR 6)

This post is regarding the Strategy for LAW as an Optional subject in the UPSC Civil Service Examination. I have been fortunate to score reasonably good marks in this optional subject both times I have written the Mains exam. Just to give the readers some perspective of what is considered reasonably good for this paper, I scored 306 (Paper I: 125, Paper II: 181) in UPSC CSE 2016 and a similar score 304 (Paper I: 149, Paper II: 155) in UPSC CSE 2018 which is when I secured AIR 6.

In this post, I will be dealing with two aspects of the paper:

  1. How should one decide whether to choose Law as an optional paper?
  2. The paper-wise strategy for Law.

So, let’s begin with aspect 1!

Allow me to start by giving a brief background about myself. I studied Commerce (with Economics) in Class XI and XII. In college, I pursued B.A. (Hons.) Economics from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi (2012-15). This was followed by enrolling myself into a M.A. Economics course in Delhi School of Economics (2015-17) (Unfortunately, I could not finish my Masters course). My main background has been in the subject of Economics.

I made the choice for Law as the Optional subject for me in the year 2015, despite the fact that I had never studied Law before that in any form whatsoever. So, why did I choose Law as my optional?

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MY STORY: क़िस्मत vs मेहनत !

Many people are frequently contacting me for CSE preparation for themselves or their wards. All have only one demand – 1st ATTEMPT TOP RANK. Though I respect their zeal and positive bend of mind, but still I want to say “HOLD ONNNNN. Game is not so easy friend. Think twice before you move in this spiral of CSE !”

On the other hand, I get calls and messages from already struggling and yet-to-pass aspirants who share their painful stories and desperation to succeed like me. I respect them much more and wish that they actually do it someday, perhaps much better than me. But still I say, “HOLD ONNNN. You are not alone who are struggling. Look around seriously, you will find much worse struggling yet always smiling faces. Just keep going. DON’T COUNT YOUR FAILURES, MAKE YOUR FAILURES COUNT some day !”

For both of these category people, here is MY STORY. MY STORY of all wins and loses of last 6 years. Or to correct myself – my story of all loses and one win of last 6 years !

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Answers to FAQs related to UPSC CSE (Shubham Gupta- AIR 6)

Here I have tried to make a compilation of all the questions that have been asked to me over the past two months or so, ranging from my own journey to certain philosophical aspects related to the exam and life before and after that. I feel these are certainly important so that a right approach and frame of mind is attained during the process. However, it doesn’t include the subject wise strategy for the exam; I will be coming up with that shortly.

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Importance of Answer Writing Practice – Varnit Negi (Rank 13, CSE-2018)

Since, answer writing has played a key role in my success and helped me in scoring 2nd highest Mains marks in CSE-2018. Therefore, I decided to write this article for CSE aspirants. Considering the inertia encountered by many while initiating answer writing practice I will first delineate the importance of hard work. Continue reading “Importance of Answer Writing Practice – Varnit Negi (Rank 13, CSE-2018)”


Cracking UPSC is a mystery for many who strive hard to solve it. This blog is an initiative by the Civil Services 2019 batch to guide aspirants through their journey and demystify this process for them.

We will be sharing our strategies, tips, notes and other relevant material on this platform. Aspirants can access all the information here and those with specific queries can also get in touch with the toppers.

Hope this benefits you!

Best of luck 🙂