Ethics Answer Copy- Analysis & Tips by Sumit Kumar Rai (AIR 54)

I am uploading one of my ethics copies. I would request you all to focus on practical examples, writing your own definitions in simple languages and breaking a general statement into parts to make it ready for analysis. Re-read question many times if the language seems tough ( as it happens in few questions).

How to utilize this copy: First read the question and think yourself what you would have replied/answered for this question and then read the answer. This is called reverse learning. I also used to do the same when I used to go through the toppers copy. So, you can get other toppers copies and try the same analysis. It will definitely improve your ethics answer writing. Also, don’t be under the impression that all of my answers are excellent. Many of you might write beautiful answers than what I have written. I also used to write mediocre answers and it might happen in few questions that you might not do justice to the question demands. Consider all these as learning blocks and improve answer-by-answer, test-by-test. Remember: Practice makes an aspirant perfect.

In following paragraphs I would be analyzing few of my questions from this test paper and will try to bring your attention to few aspects:

  1. Explain the new term: When you get a new term in a question, try to explain it first. Sometimes a simple definition makes a good enough introduction. This can be referred as definitional approach of introduction. For example see how I tried to define what I mean by Institutionalized Corruption.
  2. Write definition of terms like attitude, aptitude, integrity, honesty etc in your own language. Write examples to substantiate your points, rather than simply writing theories and theories. Examples shows your understanding, let examiner know that you understand the matter at hand.
  3. A statement might look simple when given as a question. But you have opportunity to write a great answer by showing your understanding. Again your examples and arguments, art of substantiation matters. See this question on ” Those who know don’t talk and those who talk don’t know. Comment”.

PFA the answer copy.

Author: Sumit Kumar Rai

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