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In this post, I am sharing my General Studies (GS) Mains notes of different subjects as well as GS Mains Test copies which I gave in Lukmaan IAS Test Series. GS Mains Notes were prepared during preparation of dynamic portion of these subjects. These notes provide compilation of those issues which are important for Mains Exam.

The issues have been discussed holistically (end-to-end coverage) giving wide range of analysis starting from definitions or Why in News (related to current affairs) to Causes, Implications / Consequences, Lacunae, Govt. Provisions, SC Judgements, Way Ahead.

It also contains facts, examples, case studies, Committee recommendations which provides fodder for the Answer Writing. These notes are handwritten and are prepared from Vision IAS Mains 365 Videos (not Mains 365 Booklets) of two years i.e., 2017 and 2018 Exam. I took this course because I can learn faster and in an easier manner through videos than text materials. Former is an active mode of learning while latter one is passive. After watching these videos, I referred only those issues/topics from Mains 365 Booklets which were important but were not touched upon in the videos.

I used to take notes from Videos restricting each point to as minimum lines as possible. For revision, I didn’t see the videos again and did it from prepared notes only. Each point contains keywords. Keywords are most important things to write crisp, concise and to-the-point answers in Mains. The arguments/points written on any issue need to be substantiated with facts/examples/case studies which are also mentioned in these Notes.

I saw these videos for preparation of GS Current Affairs portion, but these issues will continue to remain relevant as they keep repeating in News now and then. Static portion is also discussed in these videos. It is the static portion which acts as foundation stone for understanding whatever is happening in the News i.e., Current Affairs

Please try to be patient while going through these Notes as somewhere they may become non-readable. These notes have also been highlighted due to frequent revisions I did. It may be noted that I revised these notes atleast 5-6 times before appearing for Civil Services (Mains) Exam in both years i.e., 2017 and 2018. These many revisions ensured proper consolidation of most of these issues in the brain. It then helped in reproducing these things on answer sheet in structured and well presented manner.

I am giving access to Mains 365 Notes of different subjects (total 6 in number), Supreme Court Judgements, 2nd ARC Recommendations, a document containing Committees, Examples, Data and Definitions.

I am also uploading my GS Mains Test Copies. One thing to note while looking at Test Copies 12, 14 (the improved copies) and comparing them with Test Copies 6, 7 is to look at the improvement. Initially for first 5-6 tests, I was literally stuck in the range of 70-80 marks. In the later tests, I improved it to above 100 marks. Following improvements are observed:

  1. Addressed the demand of the question and written whatever has been asked rather than whatever I knew about the topic of the question
  2. Written points in short sentences (generally 1 line) and substantiated them examples, facts
  3. Addressed each part of the question in equal amount rather than giving focus on one part and ignoring the other part. This is because each part needs to be addressed as per the marks it carries.
  4. Proper indentation of points/paragraphs while writing answers to improve presentation
  5. If points are small in number for a particular topic, putting them in bullet formats rather than numbering them. This has been done so that examiner doesn’t give lesser marks if lesser number of points have been written. Examiner couldn’t calculate number of points in bullet formats.
  6. Number of questions attempted increased from the previous tests

My Ethics Test Copies and Case Study Notes are already uploaded on the below link.

Given below is the link to GS Mains Test Copies

I hope these Notes and Test Copies provide some help to you all.

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    1. You can see post of other toppers of this year, Varnit (Rank 13) and Shreyas (Rank 4). They have already written on Anthropology strategy and notes. Also, you could refer to blog of last year’s topper, Koya Harsha (Rank 6).

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