Mains Test Series Copies and Some Mains specific notes – Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

Hi everyone,

Prelims and Mains have many similarities in terms of the syllabus. Sources for overlapping portions remained the same for me. I have already mentioned them in Prelims approach. But there are few areas which are specific to Mains. In this article, I am adding those aspects of the Mains exams in GS 1 and GS 4 which are not covered in Prelims.

Given that the cost-benefit out of some of such portions is very low, I am adding my full notes. This might help you devote more time in the note making of frequently asked areas. Also, I am attaching links to my General Studies test series copies.

GS1 — World History

1. Low output to effort ratio in this subject but in a competitive exam one has to be ready with basics

2. Sources: Ojha Sir Notes (Vajiram), Forum Value Add Material

3. Approach: Getting an idea about the timeline in each topic and its impact on the World scenario at that time.

4. Answer Writing: In general, for an answer, 
– causes/reason, 
– happenings and 
– consequences 
of a particular event are crucial. That will make up most of your answer as well as the notes you prepare. Mapwork can also be easily Incorporated in the answers. I have shared All of my final World History notes above for your reference

Adding my complete World History notes — here

GS1: Post Independence History

1. Very few questions have been asked in the last years

2. Sources I had used:
– Politics in India Since Independence NCERT
– Vision Module for PI History
– Had seen TV Series Pradhanmantri in leisure time

Adding my complete PI History notes — here

GS1: Modern History

  1. Analyzing previous year questions reveals that question on Prominent Personalities (their ideas, contributions, etc.) and different sub-movements within Indian National Movement are frequently asked.
  2. Prepared a specific note on such personalities and different strands within the national movement.

Adding mains specific Modern History sample notes — here

GS4: Ethics

1. Quite important paper and a different approach required as compared to other General Studies papers

2. Sources I had used: Vajiram Class Notes, Vajiram Yellow Book and Internet surfing for a significant portion of content.

3. Approach: Tried to stick to the syllabus. 
– Picked out ~60 words out of syllabus and made excel containing description, examples, and quotes (as shown in sample notes)
– Created a one-page document on every topic of the syllabus to be ready with content for any kind of question

4. Answer Writing: Quite different from Other GS papers. Tried to answer in points wherever possible. Use of examples is really important. After an explanation of the keywords and important ideas, the use of examples to substantiate.

5. For Case Studies — I prefer to be to the point after providing a basic introduction to the case asked

Adding Ethics sample notes — here

Mains Test Series Answer Copies

  1. General Studies 1: Answer Copy
  2. General Studies 2: Answer Copy
  3. General Studies 3: Answer Copy
  4. General Studies 4: Answer Copy

Answer writing practice is as important as the completion of syllabus, rather more. Request you to write as much as possible in a time-bound manner to analyze and improve every day. Idea is to maximize the scores in each and every paper. For that, answer writing is the key.

Write. Analyze. Improve. Repeat.

My best wishes.

Author: Shreyans Kumat

AIR 4, CSE 2018