PSIR Preparation in brief

Disclaimer: Considering the SUBJECTIVITY associated with exam, NOTHING SHOULD be taken for GRANTED (meaning if u do what I did, success is assured, etc..nothing like that). It’s all my personal experience with the PSIR paper which will CERTAINLY differ from person to person. Take only what you deem fit. I had got 309 marks in CSE 2017 and 312 in CSE 2018. With that experience, would like to share briefly what all I did in FAQ format. Please add if I miss out any questions in the comment section. Continue reading “PSIR Preparation in brief”

Public Administration: How to use Administrative thinkers in Answers -by Sumit Kumar Rai (AIR 54)

Hello guys.

Hope your prep is going good. Many have been asking about linkages and how to use thinkers in answer. I am attempting to address your query here. [ Join this TG group, here I share strategy and materials related with Pub Ad mostly, apart from some GS guidelines: ]

The most important part of pub ad syllabus is Administrative thinkers & Administrative behaviour in my opinion. So, ensure that all key ideas of every single thinker is on your finger tips. whatever sources you are referring to cover thinkers: be it Aribam, P&P or your classroom coaching notes, ensure that you summarise all thinkers in 4-5 key ideas and be ready to use in your answers. Keep on reading!

Useful Resources for CSE- Rank 10- Tanmay

From starting the preparation to various stages of the exam be it prelims, mains or interview as well as other relevant queries related to CSE, I have compiled all my answers here on quora

Answers to FAQs related to UPSC CSE (Shubham Gupta- AIR 6)

Here I have tried to make a compilation of all the questions that have been asked to me over the past two months or so, ranging from my own journey to certain philosophical aspects related to the exam and life before and after that. I feel these are certainly important so that a right approach and frame of mind is attained during the process. However, it doesn’t include the subject wise strategy for the exam; I will be coming up with that shortly.

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Anthropology Sample Notes by Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

I am adding some sample notes for your reference in each of the major sections of Anthropology

I. Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Neo-Evolutionary School
Culture Personality School

II. Physical Anthropology
Aging, Somatotype, and Race

III. Archaeological Anthropology

IV. Indian Anthropology
Racial Classification and Sanskritization
Noted Indian Anthropologists

V. Tribal India
Tribal India

Hope they help you in some way or the other.
All the best. Do well.

Anthropology: 5 step approach of Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

After finalizing Anthropology as my optional for Civil Services examination, I tried to cover different aspects in order to complete its preparation before Mains 2018.

Following are the five steps:

  1. Going through basic books and coaching classes to create a basic understanding of the subject
  2. Tried to create exhaustive question bank by combining syllabus and previous year question papers
  3. Creating notes in the form of Question-Answers using Basic books, Coaching Notes, Websites, IGNOU Material, etc.
  4. Repeated revisions and Daily Answer Writing Practice (between Prelims and Mains) to improve timing and presentation
  5. Full test practice to ensure proper section selection in the final exam

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PSIR strategy + notes (journey from 211 to 297 marks)- Vibhor Aggarwal (AIR-71)

Hello everyone !! In this post, I will be talking about my PSIR strategy. I scored very poorly in my first attempt in 2017 (211 marks). I gradually came to realize several of my mistakes and worked to improve upon them. Though, 297 is also not an extra-ordinary score, I am sure my experience will be of some help.

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Topic wise syllabus coverage in Maths optional – Kanishak Kataria (Rank 1)

Hi everyone!

Following on from my previous post I am giving a detailed topic wise syllabus coverage. It will give you some idea as to how should Maths be approached topicwise. It is advisable to read the previous post first before continuing here.

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Mathematics as an optional – Kanishak Kataria (Rank 1)

Hi everyone,

I am Kanishak Kataria. I secured Rank 1 in UPSC CSE 2018 with Mathematics optional (361 marks / 500). I have written this post to throw some light on Maths an an optional subject and how it should be covered.

This strategy post will be split into 2 parts

  • Overview of Mathematics as an optional (in this post)
  • Specific topic wise strategy on covering the syllabus (in next post)
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