Anthropology: booklist, notes and tips to improve marks – Varnit Negi (Rank 13, CSE-2018)

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My intention in this article is to help aspirants with Anthropology optional to improve their marks. This article has four parts: First, booklist and sources. Second, link to my notes. Third, importance of notes making in Anthropology. Finally, tips on how to improve marks beyond 300. Continue reading “Anthropology: booklist, notes and tips to improve marks – Varnit Negi (Rank 13, CSE-2018)”

Importance of Answer Writing Practice – Varnit Negi (Rank 13, CSE-2018)

Since, answer writing has played a key role in my success and helped me in scoring 2nd highest Mains marks in CSE-2018. Therefore, I decided to write this article for CSE aspirants. Considering the inertia encountered by many while initiating answer writing practice I will first delineate the importance of hard work. Continue reading “Importance of Answer Writing Practice – Varnit Negi (Rank 13, CSE-2018)”


My interview in Lukmaan IAS sharing strategy for Civil Services Examination

ALERT: This is a long post. So take your breaks and naps while reading it 🙂

Civil Services Examination (CSE) is like a marathon run where one has to run with different pace at different stages and therefore preparation has to be done accordingly assessing his/her strengths and weaknesses. One’s strengths need to be sharpened to be used advantage and weaknesses have to be purged off. Continue reading “ANSWERING BASIC QUESTIONS OF CIVIL SERVICES EXAM PREPARATION – SUMIT KUMAR (AIR 53)”


I have been thinking for a long time, going through previous years’ toppers’ blogs, whether I should do the same or not. I have been sharing strategies of Mains and Personality Test through toppers’ talk sessions on various platforms and posting them on my Facebook profile for everyone to see. What I realised that these sessions of mine didn’t provide consolidation of strategies of different stages and different subjects at one place. Hence, I decided to write my own blog finally sharing details of all things I learnt during this preparation process, be it the strategy to clear each stage of the exam, change in my personal behaviour, how I am a different person compared to pre-preparation time and other useful things which would be helpful for the aspirants. Continue reading “WHY I CHOSE CIVIL SERVICES AS A CAREER? – SUMIT KUMAR (AIR 53)”

How to prepare along with a job: Tips for working professionals by Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR 54)

1. First of all, you need to have a mindset about your current job. It should be treated as a temporary phenomenon in your life. Assume that it is just a job, it is not something where you want to spend your entire life. Your passion and that burning desire for civil services should be your guiding criteria at your work place. So, treat your job as it is: It is secondary to your preparation. By this I don’t mean that you become too negligent at work. That should not be the case and an aspiring civil servant should never do that. You should have that adequate level of efficiency and professionalism and you should be able to complete all your deliverables within time. Don’t run after appraisals. Even if you get a bad one, it is not the end of your life. A little sacrifice is needed for a noble cause. Keep on reading!

General studies Notes- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR 54)

I have compiled my GS notes below. They are mostly on evernote. Being in a job I found evernote useful as I can access it from anywhere. My handwritten notes are very few.

These notes have been made from various sources: forumias material, visionias material, toppers answersheet, economic survey, heavy use of internet, NCERT books etc.

Many of these are not very neat and have been made for revision purpose.

Many notes are very small and serve only an indicative purpose like what are the various things one should cover (like NCERT Crux, Economic survey notes). Keep on reading!

Public Administration Notes- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR-54)

This is second part in Pub Ad series.

In this part I am sharing my notes. I recommend all of you to make your own notes (handwritten or typed) as it creates memories during the process. This helps in recalling.

Being a working aspirant, I preferred online notes over pen & Paper notes.( As I can revise them from anywhere). Keep on reading!

Rank 10 Mains Notes Online Onenote – Tanmay Vashistha Sharma

To DemystifyCSE for aspirant community, I am sharing my mains notes here, hoping that it prove useful.

Link to Onenote Notes- The Ultimate Safari

Continue reading “Rank 10 Mains Notes Online Onenote – Tanmay Vashistha Sharma”

Public Administration Strategy- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR 54)

I have written four mains with Public Administration as an optional. I got 228 marks in 2015, 297 in 2016, 290 in 2017 and 307 in 2018. Public Administration has always been special to me and this is one subject which never ditched me in Mains exam. Keep on reading!