Public Administration Notes- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR-54)

This is second part in Pub Ad series.

In this part I am sharing my notes. I recommend all of you to make your own notes (handwritten or typed) as it creates memories during the process. This helps in recalling.

Being a working aspirant, I preferred online notes over pen & Paper notes.( As I can revise them from anywhere).

“Digitized Pub Ad” series: 10 in number- Here my idea was to create one note having 100 points and this way total 10 notes got created. These helped me in revision and recollection of various things I read from various sources. Some of the areas might be useful to you.

Digitized Pub AD-Part 1

Digitized Pub Ad- Part 2

Digitized Pub Ad- Part 3

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Notes on PRAGATI, Governor & Police reforms:



Police reforms.

Link Fest: Here focus is on linkages of concepts from paper 1 with examples from paper 2

Link Fest

Link the Fest



Mohit Bhattacharya

Aribam-Some easy to miss concepts

WDR-2017: Governance and law


JBM PA Part-1

Administrative Thinkers+ other topics

Diagrams, flowcharts and other value adds:

I have added them in this telegram group:

Author: Sumit Kumar Rai

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