Public Administration Paper 2 Strategy by Yo Yo Choti Singh (AIR 104)

I am sharing my Paper 2 Public Administration strategy. If any doubt you can always ping me on ForumIAS or Telegram or here only.

Books and coaching notes-

1. R Aribam book ( a very crisp and good source. It’s all MOHANTY sir notes but better organized)
2. Arora and Goyal book ( another good book but some topics not much relevant – choose wisely)
3. Selective topic reading of Fadia and Fadia Indian Admin book if you are pure fresher in the subject
4. 2nd ARC original once ( Drinking like juice) + Pawan sir summary of same (to learn linkages)
5. Kiran sir notes of Vajiram / Pawan sir notes ( read anyone – if possible both)

Test Series –

1. Undoubtedly Pawan sir test series is best available option for those scoring low in Paper 2. He has a good command and answer writing skill for this paper 2 of Pub Adm (But he lack content competence for Paper 1 in which Lukmaan Ansari sir is good IMO).

2. Try to study and understand booklets of Test series toppers (of Lukmaan and Pawan sir) and original toppers of Pub Adm of last few years of as many as possible and found. This I feel is best possible learning source for pub adm aspirants for all of their queries and self learnings.

3. Pub adm Paper 2 explanation of Pawan Sir Test series of last 3 4 years (since 2015/16 available ). – will help a lot in content enrichment in Paper 2.

4. Vision PT/Mains 365 of Pub adm relevant area like Polity or Economy or Disaster Management or Govt schemes etc – to improve current affairs content competence in Paper 2.

Strategy –

I have improved from 85 Marks (got 165 total in P1 and P2 in 2015) to 163 in Paper 2 (in 2018)  only. So i think I can tell you few things to do or not to do in this Paper to score good.

1. Do join Pawan sir test series if you haven’t joined it once. If you can’t go for offline test series then merely read his explanation of test series for last 3 4 years. He doesn’t tell anything beyond what he dictates in copy. He has excellent art of writing answers for Paper 2. Do follow what he says (only in Paper 2).

2. Increase your Factual competence in Constitution and Economy – you must remember all basic articles and economy facts to score better in this paper.

3. Always follow the golden rule. LESS EXPLANATION MORE POINTS. I think this is biggest mantra of scoring high in Pub Adm especially and all papers generally. No point of your answer should be more than 2-3 lines AT ANY COST. Write 4-5 such distinct points in each part of answer and write 3-4 such distinct parts in each of your answer.

4. Do practice the art of Flow chart , mein diagram and diagram making. It will always help you to improve your presentation competence.

5. DON’T OVEREXPLAIN anything. Focus on whatever is being asked. Avoid falling in upsc trap. Generally we tend to write answer by merey reading initial line/keywords of the answer – avoid it. Read entre question. Read it AGAIN. And then write TO THE POINT answer to exact core demand of the question.

6. Bring innovative linkages to current developments in Indian administration everywhere and in each question. The better and the more relevant linkages you make – the more will be your score. (Pawan sir will help you here + rest refer toppers best test copies , you will find many such innovative linkages – compile them together and keep revising them.)

7. Create a memory book out of your own notes – where crux and core points are written in shortest possible manner. It can have facts/articles/phrases/linkages/good english/current affairs/best models/2nd ARC et al committee recommendation etc. Keep revising and thinking over these. This is your bible of marks in pub adm P2.

8. Paper 2 linkages are something which you cant think of your own generally. You have to earn and collect them from various source. You read ~500 pages content then only you get crux 5 pages of linkages. But its worthy. So always keep searching for them and keep compiling those together at one place.

9. Always follow Intro Body Conclusion format while answering. BUT DO REMEMBER that Neither intro nor Conclusion nor any point should be more than 2-3 lines. Anything beyond this is sheer wastage of words and time. I have done it for many years and wasted marks ultimately despite knowing.

10. Keep Intro small and objective as far as possible. Constitutional articles or some report or 2nd ARC lines etc can always be a best bet to start with. Remember INTRO ONE STEP BACK and CONCLUSION ONE STEP FORWARD rule. Which means Intro should connect History and Conclusion should connect the theme with Future.

11. In body mere mentioning of names of standard committees with brief linkange recommendation is a sure shot recipe to boost your score. 2nd ARC / PUNCHHI / SARKARIA/MALIMATH / SC JUDGEMENTS/ BASWAN/HOTA/ NCRCW/ NOLAN/ YUGANDHER/AHLUWALIA/FC/NITI/SK ROONGTA etc bodies or committees or commissions should be regularly and distinctively linked in each of your answers in paper 2. You have to practice hard and compile a lot to be able to do so. It’s a sheer hardwork worth doing.

12. Avoid writing generic or clichés in answers. ZERO VALUE Paragraphs must be minimized in your answers if you want to score high. Go direct on core demand and hit bulls eye. Earlier I used to write long BHOOMIKA or Zero Value stuff in intro or body – later I learnt BREVITY IS BEST JEWEL in ones answer. For example every Cooperative Federalism answer doesn’t mean you start with history or definition of cooperative federalism etc Zero Value stuff. Read question in entirety and introduction or point should be holistic as well as brief. ITS POSSIBLE. I LEARNT IT VERY VERY LATE. Better you learn it now than ignoring it.

13. Revision Improve Consolidate Revision Improve Consolidate Revision.. it should be your motto in the Paper 2 preparation.

14. Also remember your answer should not look like GS answer . So the solution to this is to use concepts of paper 1 in this paper so that it seems that the answer is written by student of Public Administration. Paper 1 and Paper 2 should be seen in an integrated form .

15. Refer PYQs. If you practice hard on those a large part of your future paper in next mains is already done by you back home. Do practice and make small crisp notes of each topic already asked by upsc from static portion. Sometimes even PYQ statements itself can become good intro or conclusion of your final answers.

13. Finally remember the most pious mantra of scoring high ie NO LINE WITHOUT TICK SIGN –  Paper 2 is all about strategically and analytically knitting lots of factual stuff in a time bound small answer. Do target that. There should be NO SINGLE LINE in your answer from where the examiner may move ahead without ticking with his/her pen. The more the ticks in answer the more the marks you fetch. Make it your GOLDEN MANTRA. If you remember it and applies it from First Line of First answer to Last Line of Last Answer then no body can stop you from scoring high in this paper. It essentially means there is NO ZERO VALUE LINE leave alone ZERO VALUE Paragraphs in your answers. It’s easier said then done but possible. If I can do that, anyone else can. 85 Marks in Paper 2 in 2015 was a gift of this ZERO VALUE CONTENT SYNDROME only.

फिर मिलेंगे !


Yo Yo Choti Singh

AIR 104, CSE 2018

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