Anthropology: 5 step approach of Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

After finalizing Anthropology as my optional for Civil Services examination, I tried to cover different aspects in order to complete its preparation before Mains 2018.

Following are the five steps:

  1. Going through basic books and coaching classes to create a basic understanding of the subject
  2. Tried to create exhaustive question bank by combining syllabus and previous year question papers
  3. Creating notes in the form of Question-Answers using Basic books, Coaching Notes, Websites, IGNOU Material, etc.
  4. Repeated revisions and Daily Answer Writing Practice (between Prelims and Mains) to improve timing and presentation
  5. Full test practice to ensure proper section selection in the final exam

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Prelims Journey — Strategy & Motivation by Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I am writing in brief about my journey of UPSC until Prelims 2018. I have tried to add most of the basics as well as some specifics which helped get a good score in Prelims in the first attempt itself. Hope it helps. 🙂

Let us start with a little introduction.

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