Public Administration Paper 2 Strategy by Yo Yo Choti Singh (AIR 104)

I am sharing my Paper 2 Public Administration strategy. If any doubt you can always ping me on ForumIAS or Telegram or here only.

Books and coaching notes-

1. R Aribam book ( a very crisp and good source. It’s all MOHANTY sir notes but better organized)
2. Arora and Goyal book ( another good book but some topics not much relevant – choose wisely)
3. Selective topic reading of Fadia and Fadia Indian Admin book if you are pure fresher in the subject
4. 2nd ARC original once ( Drinking like juice) + Pawan sir summary of same (to learn linkages)
5. Kiran sir notes of Vajiram / Pawan sir notes ( read anyone – if possible both)

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Public Administration Notes- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR-54)

This is second part in Pub Ad series.

In this part I am sharing my notes. I recommend all of you to make your own notes (handwritten or typed) as it creates memories during the process. This helps in recalling.

Being a working aspirant, I preferred online notes over pen & Paper notes.( As I can revise them from anywhere). Keep on reading!

Public Administration Strategy- Sumit Kumar Rai( AIR 54)

I have written four mains with Public Administration as an optional. I got 228 marks in 2015, 297 in 2016, 290 in 2017 and 307 in 2018. Public Administration has always been special to me and this is one subject which never ditched me in Mains exam. Keep on reading!