My two cents on Answer Writing – Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

It has been almost two weeks since Prelims results are out. Also, not much time is left before Mains. In between these quite different ways of testing, one has to shift gears and prepare oneself to write 4000 words in 3 hours twice a day for a few consecutive days.

And, with the Prelims results, the horn has been blown. Usain Bolts and Asafa Powells of the world are already clocking good time in the practice sessions. It is crucial to maintain this practice every day for new as well as experienced runners in order to get great timings on the final day too.

Horn has been blown, it’s time for some action

In this article, I will discuss the answer writing tips which worked for me, sources I had used to cover different parts of the syllabus and will post some practice tests for your reference.

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Mains Test Series Copies and Some Mains specific notes – Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

Hi everyone,

Prelims and Mains have many similarities in terms of the syllabus. Sources for overlapping portions remained the same for me. I have already mentioned them in Prelims approach. But there are few areas which are specific to Mains. In this article, I am adding those aspects of the Mains exams in GS 1 and GS 4 which are not covered in Prelims.

Given that the cost-benefit out of some of such portions is very low, I am adding my full notes. This might help you devote more time in the note making of frequently asked areas. Also, I am attaching links to my General Studies test series copies.

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Anthropology Sample Notes by Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

I am adding some sample notes for your reference in each of the major sections of Anthropology

I. Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Neo-Evolutionary School
Culture Personality School

II. Physical Anthropology
Aging, Somatotype, and Race

III. Archaeological Anthropology

IV. Indian Anthropology
Racial Classification and Sanskritization
Noted Indian Anthropologists

V. Tribal India
Tribal India

Hope they help you in some way or the other.
All the best. Do well.

Anthropology: 5 step approach of Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

After finalizing Anthropology as my optional for Civil Services examination, I tried to cover different aspects in order to complete its preparation before Mains 2018.

Following are the five steps:

  1. Going through basic books and coaching classes to create a basic understanding of the subject
  2. Tried to create exhaustive question bank by combining syllabus and previous year question papers
  3. Creating notes in the form of Question-Answers using Basic books, Coaching Notes, Websites, IGNOU Material, etc.
  4. Repeated revisions and Daily Answer Writing Practice (between Prelims and Mains) to improve timing and presentation
  5. Full test practice to ensure proper section selection in the final exam

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Prelims Journey — Strategy & Motivation by Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4)

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I am writing in brief about my journey of UPSC until Prelims 2018. I have tried to add most of the basics as well as some specifics which helped get a good score in Prelims in the first attempt itself. Hope it helps. 🙂

Let us start with a little introduction.

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