General Studies Mains Notes and Test Copies – Sumit Kumar (AIR 53)

In this post, I am sharing my General Studies (GS) Mains notes of different subjects as well as GS Mains Test copies which I gave in Lukmaan IAS Test Series. GS Mains Notes were prepared during preparation of dynamic portion of these subjects. These notes provide compilation of those issues which are important for Mains Exam.

The issues have been discussed holistically (end-to-end coverage) giving wide range of analysis starting from definitions or Why in News (related to current affairs) to Causes, Implications / Consequences, Lacunae, Govt. Provisions, SC Judgements, Way Ahead. Continue reading “General Studies Mains Notes and Test Copies – Sumit Kumar (AIR 53)”

General Studies Mains Strategy – Sumit Kumar (AIR 53)

ALERT: This is the strategy I followed for General Studies (GS) Mains preparation. It worked for me, but this is not the only way to succeed in the examination. The purpose is to provide insight into my method of preparation from which other aspirants may pick those points/strategies that suit their needs.

I have got good marks in both GS Mains 2017 (453 Marks) and GS Mains 2018 (435 Marks) exams. This year’s marks is even better than the previous year considering GS has been awarded lesser this year. I have been good in all GS papers. Below is my marksheet of CSE Mains 2018 exam. Continue reading “General Studies Mains Strategy – Sumit Kumar (AIR 53)”


My interview in Lukmaan IAS sharing strategy for Civil Services Examination

ALERT: This is a long post. So take your breaks and naps while reading it 🙂

Civil Services Examination (CSE) is like a marathon run where one has to run with different pace at different stages and therefore preparation has to be done accordingly assessing his/her strengths and weaknesses. One’s strengths need to be sharpened to be used advantage and weaknesses have to be purged off. Continue reading “ANSWERING BASIC QUESTIONS OF CIVIL SERVICES EXAM PREPARATION – SUMIT KUMAR (AIR 53)”


I have been thinking for a long time, going through previous years’ toppers’ blogs, whether I should do the same or not. I have been sharing strategies of Mains and Personality Test through toppers’ talk sessions on various platforms and posting them on my Facebook profile for everyone to see. What I realised that these sessions of mine didn’t provide consolidation of strategies of different stages and different subjects at one place. Hence, I decided to write my own blog finally sharing details of all things I learnt during this preparation process, be it the strategy to clear each stage of the exam, change in my personal behaviour, how I am a different person compared to pre-preparation time and other useful things which would be helpful for the aspirants. Continue reading “WHY I CHOSE CIVIL SERVICES AS A CAREER? – SUMIT KUMAR (AIR 53)”